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Back to School a Little More Smoothly- Health Tips for Going Back to School

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So they’re all back to school and if you’re lucky haven’t fallen sick yet (there is a lot around this year).  It is hard for everyone adjusting to the change in routines.  Here are 3 health tips you can focus on to try to make a smoother transition:

Health TIP 1 – Nutrition

Have a nutritious, ideally protein containing, snack available straight after school.  You may even give it to them on the way home.  This brings back up blood sugar levels that may be riding low if they have been too busy playing or too hot to eat the food they took to school.  Some good ideas for this snack include:

-        Rice cakes or Ryvita crackers with avocado, tomato and maybe sprouts (or just avocado, depending on taste buds) OR cottage cheese and cucumber OR peanut butter (such as Mayvers or another plain option not loaded with sugar, salt and extra oils) OR goat cheese and tomato

-        Nut or seed bars or trail mixes

-        Sometimes they need a lot, so leftovers from dinner the night before! Especially the older kids

-        Snack plates with a variety of fruit, raw vegetables (tomato, carrot, cucumber, capsicum), nuts, cheese, dip such as hommus or avocado dip.

Health TIP 2 – Hydration

If you’re in Queensland it is always hot the first couple of weeks back to school.  Make sure everyone stays well hydrated by not only drinking enough water, but also eating foods that are hydrating and a natural source of electrolytes.  These include cucumber, celery, watermelon and pineapple.  On the days it is just too hot to eat, even though you’re hungry, using these foods in smoothies, making them into icy poles or ice blocks, or just snacking on them straight from the fridge can quench your thirsty hunger.

Health TIP 3 – Sleep

Back to school, especially in the heat is tiring for everyone!!  If you have younger children you may find they fall asleep on the way home from school, or shortly after.  If you have older children who can’t/won’t go to bed earlier on school nights, or any nights, they may also look for a short nap after school (20 minutes).  Getting enough sleep is important for all of us to cope with what each day brings.  During the transition back to school this can really help adjust.  Sleep is also imperative for the growing brains and bodies of our children, even (maybe even especially) the older ones in high school! 

If you or your children are having trouble getting enough sleep, getting to sleep or staying asleep, our Naturopaths can help you navigate this important area of health, just make an appointment to work out a plan to get your sleep habits back on track.


Happy days,

Jackie Ludwig

Naturopath and Remedial Massage Therapist

Olea Health

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