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Detoxing... is it time for a "maintenance check" on your number one asset?

When we say Detox, we mean supporting your body’s inbuilt detoxification processes. Your body comes with organs purposed to clear toxins to keep you safe. Liver, kidneys, digestive system, lungs and skin all play a role in this important job. 

Toxins don’t have to be obvious poisons, but can be from our environment (exogenous) or from within our bodies (endogenous). 

Living in a city or suburban environment it is impossible to completely avoid toxins from your environment.  They can come from:

  • Food (pesticides and sprays)

  • Drinks (tea, coffee, chemicals in soft drinks, etc.)

  • Homes (off gassing of new carpets, furniture such as couches, new cars, new clothes - chemicals are used during production of these materials for particular reasons such as flame retardants, so levels are higher when they are new)

  • Skin care products

  • Cleaning products around your home (when you use them or the residue left after someone else has used them)

  • Air traffic and car pollution and so many more common things...


If you are stressed or inflamed or have an ongoing or imbalanced immune response or insufficient digestive function your body is also producing more chemicals internally that require processing via your detoxification organs.

Is it time for a general maintenance session?

Our body works to intricately process these toxin exposures like plumbing clears waste from your home.  It is an inbuilt part of waste elimination and is sturdy and effective. 

However, it requires maintenance to keep it working well and to prevent crisis such as backing up from blockages, leaks or even burst pipes.  If your plumbing is getting quite old it can benefit from checking things more regularly. Simple build up over time happens.  Also, if more things that are not ideal for your pipes (think food wastes, hair, etc) are making their way in, there is a good chance you will need to do more regular ‘flushing’ of your plumbing in a safe way that won’t damage the pipes.

In this simplified analogy, it is similar for your body’s waste elimination and detoxification systems. They are efficient and intricately linked.  As they are exposed over time to more external and/or internal toxins from the sources mentioned before, they may need the right support to continue to efficiently clear toxins and avoid re-circulating waste byproducts adding toxic load to other tissues or organs.  This extra support requirement can also be the case if there is a larger than normal load of toxins from things such as smoking, drinking alcohol, consuming high amounts of sugar and/or processed food or preservatives, high exposure to cleaning products, stress or inflammation.

When the internet says detox, it can mean so many different things.  Sometimes these things can leave people depleted of nutrients, or not effectively supporting the correct organs that their bodies need.  After all, every body is different.

If you are feeling tired, inflamed, have persistent or unusual skin rashes, suffer allergies, hormonal imbalance, reproductive issues or difficulty losing weight, you may benefit from a practitioner guided detox with us.  These symptoms can be signs that you have a higher toxic load exposure or a reduced capacity to resist the effects of toxins.

Our Naturopaths can guide you through individualised and appropriate detoxification support.  This will make it safe by accounting for any prescription medications you are taking from your Doctor or health conditions you have.  It will also be effective, ensuring you are getting what your body needs from diet (such as amino acids for detoxification pathway support) and any appropriate nutritional or herbal supplementation.  We spend the time to listen and find out what areas of your body can benefit from support.

We can also help you identify if some of the symptoms you are experiencing could be from nutritional deficiencies or imbalances in other systems within your body, and address these appropriately.


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